3D Photo Scanner system is an automatically full product view photograph device with patent we applied. Just need to install the software and it can work with our device to be a full product view display. The user can enlarge or reduce the size of the product photo to make consumers learn your products more and easily. 3D Photo Scanner system is a visual revolution which satisfies the people’s demand. The technology is an exclusive develop in the world, it can be applied to the on-line shopping to break through the traditional on-line shopping which show their products unclearly as a result that the consumer cannot exactly know the product quality.
  Enhance the company image while customers visit your web site.

  Communicate efficient particularly for global company which has branch or subsidiary.  Full product view can transmit the professional image.

  Capture full product view speedily and economically.

  Launch the device as soon as possible to reduce the defects and risk of re-open production line.

  Real show the full product view, it helps to reduce claim and loss.

  A good tool which helps engineering department develop new products, it can save plenty of sampling charge.

  The device is suitable for museum, government or research institute as well.

  Not only PC (Microsoft system), it can also be applied to iPhone, iPad, Google Android and Microsoft Mobile system.

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